The varieties of chicken products range from smoked sausages like for example the smoked Krakauer chicken sausage, our chicken bacon India, the smoked chicken hotdog sausage, the smoked chicken chili breast to the cooked chicken sausage with chives. Not to forget the chicken cocktail sausage that perfectly suit buffets and appetizer dishes in hotels, restaurants and catering events.


We dedicated a lot of passion and love to our chicken product development. We are especially proud of our chicken bacon India since it is unique in the market and approved by many well-known and famous chefs in India, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Dubai. The chicken bacon India is a pure, natural product and has got its color from a seasoning which is originally from Spain. We are constantly developing new chicken products. However, the chicken bacon India is a master piece with which our German Master Butcher excelled not only creativity, but also great taste and perfection. The chicken bacon India is a great product to offer your customers a chicken sandwich that tastes just real and authentic.

One of the best-selling products of AFC is definitely the smoked chicken hotdog. According to our company policy that we do not use fillers, our smoked chicken hotdog is naturally smoked with wood. We did not scare any costs to import an original smoking chamber from Germany in order to provide authentic chicken hotdog sausages that truly meet any demand for a hotdog sausage in India. Its immense size of 18cm will conclude a picture of American hotdogs where the tails of the chicken hotdog sausage oversize the bun. Whenever you are having an event, the chicken hotdogs definitely fit in the scene.

The chicken cocktail sausage is our answer to a chef’s demand for a chicken buffet sausage that fits the Indian taste and meets German standards. We offer the chicken cocktail sausage in several varieties. Our newest and very successful versions are the chicken cheese and chili as well as the chicken cheese and onion sausage. Both chicken cocktail sausages were developed due to the market demand and excel the market standards. The 1-inch chicken cocktail sausages match perfectly with the standard buffet set-up and are very much preferred by chefs in the horeca sector.

In addition to our three high runners, we developed a chicken meat loaf that we keep fresh at our factory. The chicken meat loaf is actually the most famous baked German meat, because of the many and diverse dishes that you can create out of it. The meat loaf matches perfectly with mash potatoes, grilled onions and green salad. However, the chicken meat loaf is equally perfect for sandwiches or even cold pasta salads.

We are happy to declare that we do not add any MSG nor do we use MDM. The chicken meat that we process is halal certified and does not contain artificial colorants, soya or lactose. It will be our pleasure to give you more details of our chicken bacon India, the smoked chicken hotdog, the chicken cocktail sausages and further chicken developments.

German Style Smoked Chili Chicken Breast
Our Smoked Chicken Chili Ham is made of fine chicken breast combined with hot chili flakes. To top this extraordinary taste experience, we have smoked it in order to create a more intensive flavor. The Smoked Chicken Chili Ham is much appreciated by restaurants and bars who offer salads, sandwiches and pasta.

German Style Chicken Cold Cut with Red Paprika Flakes
Our Cold Cut with Red Paprika creates an intensive and authentically fresh taste. Beloved in Germany, we believe that there will not be any country that appreciates the strong flavor more than India.

German Style Chicken Ham with Green Peppercorn
In our range of cold cuts, green pepper cannot be left out. The decent hot green pepper corns provide a strong flavor of pepper and create an extraordinary taste around the soft chicken meat.

German Style Chicken Cold Cut Plain
This plain cold cut is just a nice supplement to support intensive ingredients with a clean chicken flavor. If your dish is rich of herbs, spices, vegetables and peppery sauces, this plain cold cut is your first choice.

German Style Chicken Ham
Our Chicken Ham is stuffed with rough chicken meat pieces. It is heartier than the plain cold cut and requests a true bite. The chicken ham has a very intensive chicken flavor and does not need much to satisfy your hunger.

German Style Chicken Cold Cut Mediterranean Style
Our Cold Cut Herbs is a smooth composition of chives and parsley for a fresh taste. Our cold cut with herbs is the highlight on every cold platter and a highly appreciated breakfast supplement.

German Style Smoked Chicken Hot Dogs
The Chicken Hot Dogs is a legendary classic of its own. Traditionally prepared in hot water, this smoked hot dog is one of the fastest moving products in the HORECA sector.

German Style Chicken Breakfast Sausage Plain
This particular product was specially tailored for Indian chefs. It is a neat chicken sausage which is 3-4 inches in size and 25gram in weight. The perfect supplement to any buffet, breakfast or lunch.

German Style Chicken Sausage Mediterranean Style
The chicken sausage with herbs just another tasty variation of our creative production team. Filled with chives, this sausage makes the difference and distinguishes nicely from all regular chicken sausages.

German Style Chicken Breakfast Sausage with Chili
The fiery variation is a special dedication to the Indian firing flavor. It is the creative answer by our German master butcher to serve the hot demand of spicy sausages in India.

German Style Chicken Nuremberger
German Style Chicken Nuremberger 3 inches of pure chicken meat refined with marjoram turn the Chicken Nuremberger into the irresistible breakfast sausage.

German Style Chicken Krakuer
Don’t miss out on the lucious Chicken Krakauer! It combines the rich taste of high quality chicken and the unique and well-known garlic flavour of German Style Krakauer.

Chicken Cheese & Onion
Our chicken cheese & onion sausage is produced according to the market demand. The cooked cocktail sausage is the perfect buffet sausage, but also a perfect appetizer of "at-the-bar" snack.

Chicken Cheese & Chili
The chicken cheese & chili is as luscious as the chicken cheese & onion. The flavor of chili maked this one-bite sausage to be the highlight of every spice-up fan.

Chicken Bacon
The Chicken bacon a processed, cooked, chicken meat and gives the impression and taste of a real bacon. Strictly according to the AFC policy, we did not use any artificial colorants, nor any mdm or msg!

Chicken Meat Loaf
The Chicken Meat Loaf is the chicken equivalent to the pork meat loaf. Pure and plain, with just some light lemon spice, the baked and cooked loaf is a perfect sandwich or buffet supplement .