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Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd. only supplies to the Institutional sector of the food service hotel industry that is in the business of selling food and beverages – HoReCa, (an acronym for Hotel, Restaurant, Café / Catering sector). HoReCa is one of the fastest emerging hospitality industry markets globally, as such, Arthur’s Food Company is a dominant leading giant in the B2B wholesale sector and a force-to-reckon-with!

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
- George Bernard Shaw


Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd. is a German processed meats company, creating delicious meat products for customers who love and know their meats. Having taken wing in Bangalore in 2009, Mr. Arthur Maurer…a passionate German food aficionado with deep roots from back home but with a love of the Indian continent, brought the joy of fresh, authentic, traditional German flavours to the Indian people through his creative genius and efforts. The journey was both arduous, grueling and filled with challenges, but Mr. Arthur Maurer finally gave life to his conceptualization of bringing an array of the finest flavoured traditional German A-grade processed meats to the tables of the Indian people. Mr. Arthur Maurer withstood the demands posed by the processed food industry and surpassed every hurdle to fulfill his dream to erect a modern factory unit in Bangalore…the birth of Arthur’s Food Company Thereafter, he set about to quickly open retail outlets Pan India, develop a maze of channels with distributors and wholesalers, and soon enough Arthur’s Food Company became a formidable force-to-be-reckoned with in the FMCG Industry - both in India and abroad, overwhelming competitors almost immediately! Arthur’s Food Company is a forerunner and innovative leader in German processed meats having high-tech equipment, a state-of-the-art cold storage unit, top caliber produce and our very own in-house German Master Butcher, whose scrutiny guarantees each product’s quality and perfection.

Arthur's Food Sausage Company
AFC German Sausage Manufacturer


Arthur’s Food Company stands out like a beacon among all other Indian companies in the meat processed industry! Building a reputation in the world food industry is no easy feat…tastes differ and people are always in pursuit of delicious, high-grade food. Food brings people together in so many ways, sharing intimate moments of pleasure with loved ones, family and friends.

Beyond doubt, food is an integral part of everybody’s life…irrelevant our lifestyle. So, what makes Arthur’s Food Company unique from other food companies? We are foremost a premier Pork and Chicken meat Processing company located in Bangalore, and the pioneers for introducing German Sausages to India. Our Premium Quality products are available in a whopping array, all 100% Gluten Free sans any Soya, MSG or artificial colors. Quality, Service, Value, Trust, Genuineness, Personalization and Taste Experience are what we pride ourselves as Leaders in! Our uniqueness offers decadent experiences to match your interests, palates, needs and prices.

Arthur’s Food Company is the perfect destination for healthy, wholesome, fresh, tasty and quality meats. Today, we all want to order things from the comfort of our homes/establishments and delivered to us. We do exactly that with our prompt delivery services and huge selection of pre- packaged/customizable products to cater to all your needs. Arthur’s Food Company diligently commits to using top-notch ingredients and freshest meats, sourced from select tried and tested suppliers, and produced under stringent hygiene regulations and expert supervision.


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Arthur Maurer

CEO, Founder


Sridhar Gopalan

Company Secretary


To be the best, committing to creating delicious products that are responsibly produced for people to trust and enjoy.

To scale the heights at being the World's Premier Market Leader and Provider of stellar quality meat products.

To create value by making a difference in how people choose their foods, and reinventing how people interactively share knowledge.

To monitor and adapt to ever evolving market food trends.

To be Global Giants in the Food Processing Markets, with years of expertise and state-of-the-art innovative techniques.

To have our products at the forefront on every store shelf, in every top restaurant, in every homeand kitchen and of course, in every flavourful bite!

To be a great place to work as a member of the Arthur’s Food Company family.

To focus on our sustainability and ensure animals are treated humanely.





We vow to adhere to a code of moral obligation, a strict regard for uprightness and a conscientious concern for highest ethical standards. We place great emphasis on our professional values, sincerity, impartial treatment and true care for customers and staff alike…through our love of food.



We guarantee to conduct, supervise and manage the company and all therein through honest, efficient, right-minded and trustworthy use of environmentally available resources.


Team Work

The foundation of great Teamwork rests in the collaborative effort of the entire group of diverse people involved with the success of a company, led by a direction that energizes and engages team members towards achieving a common goal in the most cohesive and efficient way.



Respect is the key ingredient in any work environment…it promotes positivity, healthy communication, reduces stress, increases productivity, motivates people to achieve their best and most of all, garners loyalty.



A vital component in any workplace is Innovation – it provides companies that extra edge in market penetration and development of better connections. It is the catalyst to promote growth, adaptability, effectiveness and create better ideas and products



Empathy isn’t just about building ones social-emotional skill sets; it’s also about the competency of impartially analyzing actions and feelings of people. Having empathy means trying to understand, and once there is understanding, there will be change…with this change only we might then gain a sense of Empowerment.



Passion at the workplace affords people a sense of purpose…with kindness as a norm; we develop strong values which in turn help guide how we approach the rest of the world.



Motivation is a powerful tool that energizes drive and excites people at workplaces. Making people feel appreciated and invaluable sets the pace for organizational goals and productivity.

Teams that have both the Willingness and the Ability to perform their functions and roles well will have found purpose in their jobs by using their knowledge, skills and personality to influence others.

AFC Pork Dry Salamis
AFC Bavarian Meatloaf
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