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Our Happy Customers

Nice deli counter with ample space displaying all the cuts of meats available with an option to sample as well. However the lack of seating arrangements can be a let down. The service is quick and in plain sight with sandwiches and hotdogs
only on a take away basis. Parking around the place is a challenge and the place itself is easy to find given it's on the main road itself. Quality of the products on offer is
first class.

Joseph George


Nice outlet if you savour sausages, hams, and English and American
breakfast. Only if there are more and better seating arrangements,
You can enjoy all day breakfast, its yummy. And, I will recommend you to start making some coffee tea etc. as well, freezing cold sodas don't go good with western breakfast.

Somak Bhattacharya


As a fan of pork, I would really recommend Meisterwurst for anything related to pork. They
serve the best bacons, sausages and meat loafs in Kolkata.

Ketan Roy


My team of Chefs liked the Chicken Nuremberger, Chicken Krakauer, Spiced cocktail & cheese cocktail

Mr. Sachin

ITC Hotels

Very good quality.
As Germans with Arthur's, we found a piece of home here in India.

Sussane Jarc


Exceptional quality cold cuts and meat for an exceptional price. Amazing meat loaf, bacon and sausages. You haven't had a hamburger until you've eaten here. Must try: Genuine Hamburger!!!

Mathew K J


Best sausages I've had in Bangalore. Haven't really tried their deli, but I'm sure it'll be excellent, considering
that their sausages are so perfect. Also, extremely friendly staff who'll go out of their way to help out.

Srivas R


Great sandwiches. Quality products. Courteous staff. They take a little longer to serve sandwiches and
burgers but it's worth the wait as good things take time! :)

Shyamal Bhat


I am a customer of yours based in Bangalore. I have always been buying your products ever since they were made available at Metro, Yeshwantpur because by far your products have been the
best compared to all others that are currently available in the market. I
have even recommended it to others.

Sunil Thomas


A very good place in Bangalore to get sausages and cold cut meat. They also have very good burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.

Vishnu Kumar


One of its kind in Bangalore. This place specialises in German sausages and cold cuts. For those familiar with Bon Appetite brand that is available in Metro, this is from the same parent company. They have a variety of cold cuts
and sausages both in chicken and pork. Prices are based on every 100gms. I tried their pork bacon, sausage, and ham today and I think I'm going to be regular at this store. Must try for meat lovers!



As an avid fan of pork. I can vouch this company delivers one of the best bacon and sausages
in Kolkata. Definitely recommend this.

Pallabi Dasgupta Roy


Really good tasty pork varieties are available here. A bit pricey but good quality. The bacon is really good. The hotdog is very tasty.

Shyam Sundhar


I want to thank you for my order. The sausages and bacon is great and were packaged perfectly. My
family and I will certainly enjoy your products in our home in Kochi. I hope I soon have another business trip to Bangalore so that I have the opportunity to order more! Thanks again.

Bruce Shuler


Collection of different kinds of sausage, salami and bacon are very good. Staffs are very friendly. They will suggest you as per your taste. Ordered Cold Cut Sandwich
which was amazing. Also bought bacon, chicken and pork sausage, Sausages are little spicy and good for breakfast. Recommend for meat lovers.

Snehasish Jana


Staff was really awesome. Service by Peter was outstanding and I really like to visit again n again as I am regular visitor of that store.. highly recommend you guys to visit once.

Dilbar Hussain


Amazing selection of pork
products. Great quality. The price is worth it. I really like the back bacon here.

Parth Sood


Me and my dad ordered your pork meatballs, meatloaf with red chili, bratwurst and streaky bacon. thinking we'd be stocked up for a while. But oh my god everything was so good, it's only been a few days and we've already finished off 2/3rds of our order! So glad we decided to order from you - awesome awesome products and fantastic service, will recommend AFC to everybody who will listen!!!

Parkshit Das


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