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Although the word 'sausage' was derived from the Latin word 'salsus' (meaning 'salted'), which stems from a food-processing method evolved through centuries, Germany is the supreme 'land of the Wurst' (sausage)! Germans love their sausages, boasting over 1,200 types, of which many recipes are closely guarded secrets. Arthur's Food Company Sausages lets you experience varieties of the delish German national pride, where old-world flavours meld with our finest ground pork, seasoned to perfection with spices, well-balanced herbs and condiments that suit every taste...No Added Artificial Colours. Produced in accordance with stringent hygiene rules and expertise,

select from a vast selection of Arthur's Food Company Sausages with flavours to suit every palate. Sausages are often eaten on their own - Grilled, Boiled, Barbequed, Pan Fried, Sauteed, Baked - complimenting any meal, best paired with such German favorites as 'sauerkraut', potato salad, bread rolls and horseradish/mustard dips..enjoyed with thirst quenching chilled Beer! Come, savour Germany's legacy of flavours through Arthur's Food Company and pick from our range of Sausages - Cocktail, Curlies, Cheesey, Spicy, Currywurst, Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Smoked Hotdog, Frankfurter, Bratwurst, Bratwurst, Nuremberger, Garlic Krakauer, Bacon, Bacon-Wrapped Sausages and more..


The Pork Bavarian Meatloaf or 'Leberkäs', is traditionally a specialty of Austria, South Germany and Switzerland. 'Leberkäs' or Meatloaf, literally translates to 'liver-cheese', due its texture..however it contains neither. The Arthur's Food Company Pork Meatloaf is pre-cooked and produced by tightly packing finest ground pork seasoned with Nutmeg, Ginger, White Pepper, choicest herbs and then packed into a loaf shape and baked. No Added Artificial Colours. Arthur's Food Company offers different scrumptious meatloaf flavours, Bavarian Meatloaf, Meatloaf with Black Pepper, Meatloaf with Chilli, Meatloaf

Pork Bavarian Meatloaf Leberkase.jpg

with Rosemary & Thyme. Best eaten hot, thickly sliced, topped off with a tangy tomato sauce/ketchup, or barbecue mustard or mushroom sauce. Pair with rye bread or pretzels, fried eggs, potato salad. The crispy end crust called 'Scherzel', is deemed by Gourmands as the tastiest bit.



Pork Cold Cuts are 'pre-cooked' lunch-meats synoymous with 'cold pork salami' common throughout Europe - thin sliced from large sausages, cooked meats and hams, and served cold or hot. Best enjoyed sandwiched in a 'Semmel' /bread bun with sweet and sour gherkin/cucumber pickles. Arthur's Food Company Pork Cold Cuts are made from the freshest top-notch pork meat delivering huge on well seasoned spiced flavours... precooked, fresh and produced in accordance with stringent hygiene rules and expertise. No Added Colours. Versatility defines Arthur's Food Company Cold Cuts offering up a slew of types that can be enjoyed finely sliced, and served cold or hot as is,

or in a roll, bun, croissant, muffin or simply inbetween breads with sauces/pickles. Add to pastas, crepes, quiches, bakes, salads, and party canapes. Do order up our cold cuts like Pork Lyoner; Pork Cold cut with Chilli/Paprika; Pork Bierschinken...a cold cut type sausage  - lit. 'beer-ham sausage', but doesn't actually contain any beer...rather enjoyed as a snack with beer. Be authentic..roll out an 'Aufschnitt Platte' - a trypical German styled platter of cold cuts, with accompaniments of bread, butter, cheeses, onions, pickles, and/or other veggies!


Arthur's Food Company Pork Bacons are a compressed strips of pure pork meat made from the finest pork. Smoked with Beechwood chips, it comprises more meat (80%) and less fat (20%).  At Arthurs' Food Company, we make our Bacons from the freshest 100% compressed pork, taken from belly parts or the back. Seasoned with Garlic, Honey, Mustard and aromatic spices, the Pork Bacon is then subtly Smoked in traditional style with Beechwood chips. No Added Colours. Relish our Pork Rashers Smoked Bacon and Pork Streaky Bacon - side bacon having more fat and less meat content. A global breakfast staple,

Pork rasher bacon smoked.jpg

enjoy it any time..Reinvent breakfast..Pair with eggs, hash browns, cheese - the BLT Egg bake or sandwiches..Add to quiches, bacon-egg cups, casseroles, savoury pancakes. Invent unique bacon flavoured cookies, cocktails or savory chocolates!

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A popular globally versatile crowd-pleasing meat is Ham, and Arthur's Food Company Ham are none other than pork meat taken from the middle of the shank bone of the hogs hind legs. Pork Ham is a boneless, succulant ham cooked and smoked with Beechwood chips for that extra flavour. Made from the finest ground pork, the ham is seasoned with Garlic, Honey, choicest spices and condiments. No Added Colours. At Arthur's Food Company, we never compromise on quality and taste, committed to using the finest ingredients and high grade pork in all our specialities. Enjoy the fresh taste of

Arthur's Food Company Pork Smoked Ham, Pork Honey Roasted Ham and Pork Black Forest Ham - raw boneless ham cold-smoked/cold-cured by smoking using Beechwood chips for 4-6 hours to give it that distinctive 'black' exterior. Enjoy sliced as-is on a charcuterie board with cheese and bread sticks or grilled Ham and cheese sandwich, add to salads, soups, bakes, etc.


Cooked Salami is typically a Northern Italian cold cut - a type of cured sausage comprising fermented air-dried meat, largely pork. Derived from the Italian word 'sale' meaning 'salt', salami is made with different meats, sizes and shapes. Arthur's Food Company Pork Salami is made using the finest coursely ground pork, seasoned perfectly with Mustard, spices and condiments and then perfectly smoked with Beechwood chips. No Added Colours. Make hearty snacks and meals, and party with delightful pizzas using the different tastes of  Arthur's Food Company Pork Cooked Pizza Salami, Pork Pepperoni Salami, Pork

AFC Pork Pepperoni Salami.jpg

Milano Salami (Edel Salami), Pork Jerky Sticks (Knaxx) and Pork Chorizo. Salami is a big time favourite in sandwiches and on sumptious pizzas with melting gooey cheese.

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