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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience” - James Beard

‘Food is an art, an intrinsic cauldron of flavours connecting cultures…speaking a universal language…showcasing a montage of global influences coalescing effortlessly’. Civilized integration significantly transforms when people from different cultures communicate through food’.

Whether seeking dinner inspiration, indulging in traditional recipes or impressing the cautious gastronome, there’s a minefield of choice for specially curated Chicken and Pork treats, and Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd. impresses like a beaconMade in India with Love from Germany!!

So, what makes Arthur’s Food Company discernible from the others? We are the original pioneers of German Sausages to India and premier visionary leaders in Pork and Chicken Food Processing, Headquartered in Bangalore. Our Bangalore HO plant is ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP Certified. No artificial or harmful additives find their way into our products…our meats are procured using top-of-the-line sourcing and testing techniques for quality, hygiene and best-breeding practices. All products contain European-imported A-grade ingredients/seasonings, assuring authenticity and originality. Proffering a legacy of traditional and new-age flavours, our myriad Premium Quality products and Speciality range are 100% Gluten Free sans any Soya, MSG or artificial colours.

Arthur’s Food Company Pvt Ltd supplies only to the Institutional sector of the food service & hotel industry in the business of selling food and/or beverages – HoReCa, (acronym for HOtel, REstaurant, CAfé / CAtering sector). HoReCa is perhaps the fastest emerging hospitality industry market globally, and Arthur’s Food Company Pvt Ltd leads in the B2B wholesale sector.

Quality, Service, Value, Trust, Authenticity, Personalization and Flavour are our USP. Appealing to leading top Chefs, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Catering Units, etc, Arthur’s Food Company is an industry frontrunner, boasting high-tech equipment, a state-of-the-art cold-storage unit and outstanding German-precision quality-processed meats…our in-house German Master Butchers’ hawk-eyes reassures you! Our epicurean experiences impress with flavour and ’umami-ness’ satiating every connoisseur’s olfactory senses, palates, tummies and prices!!

Arthur’s Food Company brings to the Global Food Table a selection of personally envisioned curated gourmet Chicken & Pork Delights, Speciality Delicacies and Raw Meats.

Sausages - Cocktail, Curlies, Cheesy, Spicy, Currywurst, Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Smoked Hotdog, Frankfurter, Bratwurst, Bratwurst, Nuremberger, Garlic Krakauer, Bacon-Wrapped; Ham (Smoked)- Smoked, Honey Roasted, Black Forest; Bacon (Smoked) – Smoked Rashers, Streaky; Cold Cuts – Lyoner, Chilli/Paprika, Bierschinken; Meatloaf (Leberkäs) – Bavarian, Chilli, Black Pepper, Rosemary & Thyme; Salami Cured & Smoked - Pizza Salami, Pepperoni, Milano/Edel Salami, Knaxx/Jerky Sticks, Chorizo; Speciality Products – Roasted Knuckles, Bacon-Wrapped Roasted Tenderloin, Roasted & Stuffed Whole Belly, Honey-Glazed Roasted Belly, Roasted Pork Leg.

Sausages – Cocktail, Cheesy, Cheese & Onion, Sage & Onion, Cheese & Chilli, Tikka, Jalapeno & Cheese, Smoked Hotdog, Frankfurters, Bratwurst, Nuremberger, Garlic Krakauer, Krainer, Knackwurst; Meatloaf (Leberkäs)– traditional pre-cooked; Cold Cuts – Lyoner, Chilli/Paprika; Bacon (Smoked) - Smoked Rashers, Streaky; Ham (Smoked) – Smoked Cold Cut, Chilli-Ham Breast, Smoked Breast; Salami Cured - Cooked Pizza Salami, Cured Pepperoni, Jerky Sticks, Chorizo; Speciality Products – Roasted & Stuffed Whole Chicken.

Heralding a healthier era keeping-up with the prevailing diaspora of the food spectrum, the launching of our new Veganya brand catapults India to newer heights in food choices and sustainable lifestyle products adopting plant-based alternatives. Vegan…the New Healthier Way of Life…is a ‘100% gluten-free diet devoid of any animal-based food ingredients. ’Just Like Meat’ it is said…ingeniously created to mimic the taste of meat/fish using ethically sourced Pea Protein, Soya, Jackfruit and imported spice blends…together imitating the flavour, texture and feel of meats/fish(also known as ‘mock meat’). Veganya products are free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), 100% gluten-free and minus animal-based ingredients.

Maya Angelou resonates so true – “Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting that person into your life!!


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